Ordained for Honour

In life it is usually believed that you need to work very hard to attain a place or position of honour but contrary to the world belief, the scripture made us understand that one of the virtues that the Lamb (JESUS) was slain to receive for us is Honour.
“Saying with a loud voice, Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honour, and glory, and blessing” Revelation 5:12 (KJV).
Therefore, for everyone in Christ, you have been redeemed and ordained for honour irrespective of your gender. Jesus was made available as the Grace of God to humanity. The Lord is gracious and full of compassion toward us because he is slow to anger and of great mercy (Psalm 145:8). The focus of this article is to charge and encourage us that as believers and Christians, honour is our redemption right. Irrespective of what you’re going through that may want you to doubt your identity in Christ, never give in to the lies of the devil. As the sons and daughters of God, Christ has placed us on a pedestal of honour and glory (a place of royalty) Rev 5:10.

“And has made us unto our God Kings and Priests: and we shall reign on the earth” Revelation 5:10 (KJV)

Hence, as the redeemed of the Lord created in His likeness and image, we are to be like our Father by dispensing grace unto others. Being gracious simply means being tender hearted, full of compassion and kind. God has bestowed His grace on us so that our lives will reflect Him irrespective of our circumstances, situations and challenges. From experience, it can be very difficult to show grace to people that hurt us or inflict pain on us but just like we do not deserve the Grace of God but He gave Him to us anyway because of His love for us (John 3:16) so also God want us to do the same. Let go of the hurt and the pain in your heart and forgive then allow God to work on you so that His Grace and Love in you can radiate to the outside world.

“A gracious woman retaineth honour: and strong men retain riches” Proverbs 11:16 (KJV).

According to Proverbs 11:16, when we allow the grace of God in us radiate we tend to attain and retain Honour. Remember, we are already gracious because the full grace of God is in and on us, all we need to do is to allow that Grace manifest in us by allowing what God has deposited in us to reflect out.

You can let go of that hurt, betrayal, pain etc. and forgive because you are Gracious and honourable. As you do this, more honour awaits you.


Author: The Gracious Woman Foundation (TGWF).


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